New Lip Gloss Promises to Provide the Sensation of Kissing a Cat's Cold Nose

The beauty product from Felissimo says it provides the pleasantly cool feeling you also get from kissing a cat's nose

There is so much to love about cats: their little toe bean paw pads, their blissful furry faces, their animated swishy tails.

But for Japanese retailer Felissimo, the crème de la crème of kitty characteristics are their cold, little noses.

According to, the brand is so enamored with cat noses, it created a lip gloss that provides users with the sensation of kissing a cat’s nose every time they apply it. The product, which retails around $11, promises wearers that each time they pop on this gloss they will experience a pleasantly cool feeling akin to planting a kiss on your kitty’s schnoz.


Hin-Yari Ohana Lip Gloss achieves this effect by using a rolling steel ball applicator and scenting the gloss with kitten milk — a nutritional product created to feed kittens. The gloss also contains Shea butter to benefit human lips, and joins Felissimo’s line of other bizarre feline-centric products, including jeans that allegedly attract cats.

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Unfortunately this new gloss is only shipping to Japan at the moment. Keep your paws crossed for international shipping in the future.

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