The young pit bull is now recovering from emergency surgery in a foster home

By Amy Jamieson
July 15, 2016 07:39 PM
Liberty Humane Society

The road to recovery will be long for Feather.

The young pit bull was brutally beaten by her New Jersey owner and now the shelter caring for her needs help paying for her medical bills.

According to, Feather’s owner, Farrakhan Williams, 36, admitted to authorities that he punched the dog and has been charged with animal cruelty, the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office announced on Wednesday. The dog’s two uninjured puppies, Jacob and Joshua, were also taken from the home.
The police investigation determined that Williams had physically abused the pup and that he also locked her in a bathroom for several days as punishment, a press release said.  Williams has been charged with nine drug distribution offenses, two related weapons offenses and one animal cruelty offense — his bail has been set at $100,000.

Though the dog’s name suggests otherwise, it appears Feather — who suffered a broken leg, cuts all over her body, and a lump on her jaw — is a fierce survivor.  

“We sent Feather for emergency orthopedic surgery to realign her femur, and she’s now on the road to recovery in a volunteer foster home!” reads a post on the Liberty Humane Society’s Facebook page. “Feather is an incredibly sweet dog who, despite her injuries, is still loving and trusting of people. Feather deserves a home where she will be healthy, safe, and protected from now on!”

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