Paterson, New Jersey, is rallying around little Lyana Stevens and raising funds for her treatment

By Saryn Chorney
December 06, 2017 12:40 PM

Lyana Stevens could use an extra dose of love right now, and a new puppy may be just what the doctor ordered.

ABC 7 New York reports that the 6-year-old girl is battling brain cancer, but her community is not letting her face the fight alone. The town of Paterson, New Jersey, has rallied around its young resident and her family, helping them to raise funds for her treatment.

But that’s not all: On Monday, a police officer delivered a special, furry package to Lyana and her twin brother, who is healthy. They’re hoping the gift of a new Havanese puppy will prove therapeutic for the little girl.

Karilyn Reyes, the girl’s mother, told ABC 7 that Lyana’s doctor thought it was an “amazing idea.”

While the pup has yet to be named, the cutie came neutered, with all shots complete and with a free supply of puppy chow to boot. The policeman who delivered the small dog, Officer John deCando, is an animal control officer and it was his idea to find a pup right for Lyana and her brother.

deCando told ABC 7 that he felt like “a million bucks” and said the holidays are the time to “go into your heart to give.”