New Jersey Cat's Head Stuck for Days Inside Peanut Butter Jar

The community in Millville rallied around a stray who found himself in a very sticky situation this week

For lack of a better name, we’ll call him Peanut.

A stray in Millville, New Jersey, got his head stuck inside a peanut butter jar and people in the community rallied to help him on Tuesday.

According to The Daily Journal who reported the story, the fluffy gray kitty is a frequent visitor to the Oakview Apartments, where strays move between neighborhoods looking for food. Witnesses said the cat was spotted roaming with the jar on his head for four days.

When one Oakview resident named Shanique Hogan grew concerned, she called Millville Animal Control Officer Anthony Cills on advice from the Cumberland County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


“It’s crazy,” Hogan told The Daily Journal. “I’m assuming he was eating inside of there and got stuck in there and couldn’t get back out. I think it’s a stray cat.”

The report said that Cills took the feline to the Animal Clinic of Millville, where Dr. Kevin Ludwig removed the jar.


The cat was sedated through the procedure and appeared “fine” afterward, according to Loretta Ramos from the Millville Animal Clinic who spoke to PEOPLE on Wednesday morning. She added that that the jar could have been stuck on the animal’s head for four days or even longer.

Ramos said the cat is now in the care of the Cumberland County SPCA. If you’re interested in adopting him, call 856-691-1500.

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