The Halfway Home Animal Rescue Team is looking for a forever home for Mr. Marbles, a black-and-white cat with several congenital anomalies that give him a Grumpy Cat look without impacting his health.
cat with funky facial features up for adoption
Credit: Halfway Home Animal Rescue Team/ Facebook

New Jersey's Halfway Home Animal Rescue Team is looking for a forever home for one of their special friends.

The rescue team introduced animal lovers to Mr. Marbles on Thursday in a Facebook post featuring a large photo of the adoptable black-and-white cat.

"Marbles has some congenital 'defects.' He is VERY small with a slightly big, round head and some funky eyes, which give him that 'Grumpy Cat' expression, but he's perfectly healthy. We think these things add character and that Marbles is extra-cute exactly the way he is," the rescue team wrote.

The rescue team also shared how Mr. Marbles ended up under the care of the Halfway Home Animal Rescue team in the post.

"Mr. Marbles was found lying on Rt 17, after he was most likely hit by a car and left for dead," Halfway Home Animal Rescue Team shared of the cat's life before his rescue, adding that a "Good Samaritan took him to a local emergency vet" after finding the feline spread out on the street.

"By some miracle, this adorable little guy (older kitten) with the perfect white mustache only suffered some bruises and a broken tooth," the rescue team added.

Now that Mr. Marbles has had time to heal with the Halfway Home Animal Rescue Team, he is ready to find a loving family to spend his life with.

According to the rescue team, Mr. Marbles "is a shy young guy, who could use some time warming up to human friends, but there isn't a mean bone in his cute little body."

After Mr. Marbles becomes comfortable in his future home, Halfway Home Animal Rescue Team wrote that his new owners could expect lots of love, cat naps, and playtime with the pet.

If you think you are the ideal match for Mr. Marbles, "who has the perfect face for Instagram fame," you can fill out an adoption form at the Halfway Home Animal Rescue Team's website.