Courtesy Stephanie Adams/Houston Zoo
November 10, 2017 04:34 PM

The Houston Zoo just got a little sweeter.

On Thursday, the zoo’s 4-month-old jaguar cubs Fitz and Emma made their public debut. They didn’t have to do anything to prepare except be their natural, adorable selves.

Visitors to the zoo greeted the cub cuties with the enthusiasm you save for things that are so precious you just want to squeeze them.

Courtesy Stephanie Adams/Houston Zoo

Showing Fitz and Emma around their new digs was first-time mom Maya, who gave birth to the twins in July. For the past several months, Mom has stayed behind the scenes bonding with the cubs, but now the whole family is ready to show off.

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Courtesy Stephanie Adams/Houston Zoo

Fitz and Emma are the first jaguars to be born at the Houston Zoo in 12 years and are an important addition to the threatened jaguar population.

Along with caring for its own cubs, the Houston Zoo also helps to protect the wild jaguars of Brazil from habitat loss and other dangers.

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