New Hampshire Dog Lost in Missouri a Year Ago Reunites with Owner: 'The Nightmare is Over'

Kate Olson was in Missouri visiting family when her dog Walter slipped out of his collar and ran off last Thanksgiving

missing dog reunited
Photo: KSDK

A New Hampshire woman is feeling extra grateful this holiday season after reuniting with her dog that went missing nearly one year ago.

Kate Olson was visiting her family in Missouri last Thanksgiving when her golden retriever Walter slipped out of his collar and ran off, according to St. Louis local station KSDK.

She stayed in the St. Louis area for weeks to look for Walter, retracing her steps and printing flyers in hopes of finding her beloved dog.

Olson even created a "Where's Walter?" Facebook page to broaden her search and reached out to several animal rescue groups to help her track down the 3-year-old dog.

The dog owner flew back to St. Louis several times to search for Walter, estimating that she spent about $1,000 between the trips and flyers.

missing dog reuinted

Almost one year later, on Nov. 13, Olson received a call from Lost Paws Trapping of Belleville, Illinois, relaying that they had found a golden retriever they identified as Walter.

The dog was found behind an industrial park in Arnold, Missouri, where the rescue believes he was living since running off from his owner.

Olson hopped on the next flight to St. Louis and reunited with Walter that night.

"The nightmare is over," Olson said, adding that the volunteers who found Walter are her "heroes."

Before returning home, Water was given two complimentary baths and treatments by K-9 Grooming in Oakville, Missouri.

"He has been such a little love. He is the same sweet boy he was before and maybe even sweeter because he has missed getting loved on," Olson told the station.

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