The scented tome teaches kids about smells, colors and rescue animals

By Kate Hogan
December 10, 2009 09:01 PM

Typically we don’t associate dogs with the yummiest of smells, but thanks to the children’s book series Mo’s Nose, that’s about to change! Following the adventures of plucky mixed-breed rescue dog Mo as he smells his way through the world, the books are enhanced with Press-2-Smell technology, which allows children to literally sniff what they’re reading.

In the first books, Mo Smells Red and Mo Smells Green, Mo enjoys smelling roses, strawberries, limes and grass. Kids can sniff along with scent-dispensing packets embedded in the back of the book, which dispense a touch of fragrance when pressed.

In the latest edition, Mo Smells the Holidays ($17.95), author Margaret Hyde takes children on an adventure that lasts from the first leaves of fall to New Year’s Eve – with tasty-smelling Halloween treats, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas cookies and Hanukkah candies along the way. The book is accompanied by two pages of scented stickers, which waft the aromas Mo enjoys the most.

The inspiration for the books came to Hyde one night as Mo, her best friend Amanda Giacomini’s 9-year-old dog, popped up in one of her dreams. Knowing that many believe dogs to be color blind, she thought a story about a dog who follows its nose would be compelling. She shared her ideas and recruited Giacomini, who happens to be an artist, to illustrate the tales. “I really think it forms a great connection between kids and dogs,” Hyde tells “Pet lovers get into it, some celebrities have picked it up for their children and it’s even connected with autistic children. I couldn’t have ever imagined the impact.” Proceeds from the books, which are available in stores and online, benefit the Best Friends Animal Society.

Mo himself has enjoyed some celebrity from the volumes, receiving gifts from readers around the country and inspiring lines of pet and children’s wear and accessories. Rescued from an Oakland, Calif., shelter after Giacomini had returned from a trip to India, Hyde hopes the little guy will continue to inspire tales (and tails!) for years to come.

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