December 01, 2016 10:43 AM

If there is any animal we all could take a lesson from, it’s the baby sloth.

Equipped with the easy calm and slow pace of a full-sized sloth, baby sloths also have the wide-eyed innocence of youth. That’s why I am happy to announce another one of these magical creatures and mentors have come into the world.

Newt, a Hoffman’s two-toed sloth, was born on Wednesday morning at the Topeka Zoo‘s Tropical Rain Forest. The zoo has not released Newt’s gender, but told that both the newborn and mom are doing well. Unless a health concern presents itself, the keepers will leave the mother and baby to bond, meaning we won’t know Newt’s sex for a while.

This is the 14th child for 26-year-old mom Jackie and the third for Newt’s dad, 18-year-old Mocha. Like all the babies before Newt, Jackie gave birth to this one upside down.

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