July 31, 2017 05:01 PM

Is Japan’s Ueno Zoo just showing off now or what?

The Tokyo-based zoo (the oldest in the nation) is holding a contest to name its newest giant panda cub, reports the Associated Press. The cub was born on June 12 to mother ShinShin, but has not yet been introduced to the public.

Tokyo Zoological Park Society


In the meantime, to whet giant panda fans’ appetites (and there are a lot of us), the zoo has released a handful of videos and photos of the adorable black-and-white baby.

Tokyo Zoological Park Society via AP


The city has also announced that it will accept name suggestions online and in-person at the zoo’s suggestion box. Local papers report the cub’s name will be chosen once it’s approximately 100 days old.


ShinShin’s last cub was born in 2012, but passed away after six days. Luckily this new cutie appears to be thriving.

Approximately 1,860 pandas live in the wild, and 420 live in captivity, mostly in their native China. Cubs born overseas will eventually be returned to China as part of its “panda diplomacy” agreement.

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