August 12, 2015 02:20 PM

Do baby fish dream of underwater boogeymen? If so, they probably look something like this guy.

Scientists have discovered a new species of anglerfish skulking around the depths of the ocean, according to LiveScience.

This new bottom dweller, named Lasiognathus dinema, was discovered beneath the Gulf of Mexico between 3,280 feet and nearly 5,000 feet below the water’s surface. It stood out from other species of anglerfish due to the odd shape of its lures. Most anglerfish have a curved or straight appendage coming from the top of their heads, topped with a bioluminescent lure that tricks fish into getting dangerously close.

Unlike its sisters, Lasiognathus dinema has an angular stalk, almost like a fishing pole, topped with a hooked, lighted lure. Researchers are unsure if the new swimmer can move the rod on its head, but they expect that it can, which means this fish might have learned how to fish on its own.

Experts have only observed female Lasiognathus dinema, so they are unsure if the males attach themselves to the females to survive, the way other anglerfish do. If this new species follows the same patterns as other anglerfish, the males should be much smaller and have no lure of their own.

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