Netflix's 'Dogs' Series Is Here! Get a Peek Now Before Your Binge the Whole Thing Tonight

Dogs looks at six real stories about the strength and beauty of the human-canine bond

It’s Nov. 16, which means the highly anticipated Dogs series from Netflix is here.

Once you get out of work, you will be able to binge all six episodes of the series dedicated to exploring the beauty, strength and sweetness in every human-canine bond. But for those who can’t wait those extra hours, we have a clip from Dogs that you can enjoy right now.

This sweet nugget should tide you over until quitting time, when you can buy a box of tissues on the way home and start the show. The clip above looks at the spoiled infant-like dogs of Japan and the devoted owners who are happy to have a canine in their life over a spouse or child.

It is just one of the stories Dogs developer Glen Zipper and executive producer Amy Berg — an Academy Award-nominated director who also directed two Dogs episodes — found to paint the picture of how the world interacts and bonds with these amazing animals.

“The lesson for me was, no matter how different people are, a love of dogs is something we have in common,” Berg told PEOPLE, also confessing she is now more obsessed with dogs than ever, often approaching every canine she sees on the street.

Both dog owners themselves, Berg and Zipper wanted to give this shared passion the documentary treatment in an effort to show the many ways these animals are transforming humans.

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for dogs,” Zipper said of his personal experience. The former criminal prosecutor changed the course of his life 16 years ago after having a run-in with a needy pit bull puppy, who later became his dog, Anthony.

This same deep love for dogs can be found in all the of real-life compelling characters of the series, who were carefully selected from countless inspiring true stories.

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Even if you aren’t somehow a dog lover, Dogs promises to have something that will appeal to almost every viewer.

“We have a dream team of directors on this project,” Zipper said, which means that all six episodes should be a delight to documentary fans, even if they aren’t animal people.

Along with awe and “awws,” Zipper and Berg hope their creation inspires unity in a way only dogs can.

“There is a wide chasm between belief systems right now; if there is something that we are all truly passionate about to love, like dogs, that’s a place to start,” Zipper says.

You can watch all six episodes of Dogs on Netflix today.

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