The second season of the beloved docuseries Dogs and the premiere season of the show Cat People both arrive on Netflix on July 7

After spending over a year inside with your pets, Netflix knows you are likely more obsessed with them than ever before — and their content reflects that.

This summer, Netflix is gifting pet owners with two shows that are bound to tug at animal lovers' heartstrings while also making pet parents knowingly chuckle too.

Coming back for a second season is Dogs, Netflix's beloved docuseries which explores the stunning bonds between humans and their canines. For the second season, viewers will be treated to an inside look at the lives of a popular canine mascot, an astronaut's pooch partners, a priest's pup and more.

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"As we begin to emerge from such difficult times, it seems fitting to celebrate the animal companions that helped guide us through it all. So, regardless of whether you're a dog or a cat person, I think we can all agree on one thing: we're ready to enjoy these joyful, inspiring new stories with our furry best friends right by our sides," Dogs' creator Glen Zipper said in a statement about the show's well-timed return.

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"It's an honor to have the opportunity to create a joyful and uplifting show, especially during challenging times. Dogs is just complete goodness, and this series has been a highlight of my career," Dogs' executive producer Amy Berg added.

Dogs aren't the only pets having fun on Netflix this summer. The streaming giant is also debuting a feline-focused show called Cat People. As the title reveals, this documentary series is all about the fascinating folks who dedicate their lives to celebrating cats and demolishing the stereotype that "crazy cat ladies" are the only fans felines have.

Viewers can expect amazing things for the show's cat stars as well. Cat People will introduce the world to felines that know how to play instruments, start successful fundraisers, and ride the waves.

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Both shows arrive on Netflix on July 7 and should make the perfect viewing material for those with an animal companion. To learn even more about what Dogs and Cat People are about, watch the trailers above.