A California woman claims Rula taught her grandchildren a dirty word

May 15, 2015 08:00 PM


Does this parrot have a potty mouth?

A neighbor in Tracy, California, says yes – and she’s pretty upset about it. Jennifer Baca told NBC affiliate KCRA that the bird, named Rula, is repeating the Spanish curse word for “prostitute” and that her grandchildren have started using the R-rated phrase.

The pet’s owner, Rita Canisales, says Rula is no bleeping bird, and that the parrot is only repeating its name, which Baca seems to have misunderstood.

The talkative creature – who can also bark like a dog or meow like a cat – is ruffling feathers in other ways, too: According to the report, Animal Control Services have responded to calls about Rula more than 12 times due to complaints over noise and barking from the owner’s dogs.

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“Bird complaints are a little unusual,” Ben Miller, Tracy Animal Shelter supervisor, told the station. “As I don’t have any bilingual staff members, I’m not sure that we could confirm it was cursing.”

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