April 25, 2016 03:59 PM

Sometimes the smallest souls leave the biggest mark. 

Nebraska’s Omaha Police Department is mourning the loss of a furry friend, OPD Squirrel. According to The Dodo, OPD Squirrel was an acorn enthusiast who also had a taste for justice. The animal was a frequent visitor to the police department’s parking lot, where she quickly made friends with the officers. 

Good morning Mrs @OpdSquirrel. Enjoy your breakfast. #OPD

— Ofc. Mike Bossman (@OPDOfcBossman) April 13, 2016


The boys in blue became so smitten with the squirrel, they set up a Twitter account for the rodent, so Omaha citizens could keep tabs on the tiny crime fighter. 

@OPDOfcBossman @OpdSquirrel

— Chris Ray (@no_way_Ray) April 19, 2016


OPD Squirrel was found dead in the parking lot that she loved so much. Upon finding their comrade, the police officers set up a tiny crime scene and paid their respects. 

@OPDOfcBossman @OpdSquirrel oh the memories we will have

— Sgt.Jason Menning (@OPDSgtMenning) April 19, 2016


While the yellow tape suggests foul play, the OPD is unsure of the cause of death and says it will not be pursuing an investigation. Instead, officers have chosen to remember OPD Squirrel as the vibrant, hungry cutie they first fell in love with. 

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