Hazmat and animal control officers pulled 35 living and seven dead cats from inside the couple’s home

By Alex Heigl
June 30, 2016 04:32 PM

Nearly 100 cats were removed from a small condominium in Woodbridge, New Jersey, in a mortifying case of hoarding that a couple insist is primarily innocent. 

“We love animals, you know. It did become out of control, we’re a little wrong, I admit it,” June Dennis told CBS.

Hazmat crews and animal control officers, acting on an anonymous tip, pulled 35 living cats from the couple’s home and seven dead ones. About 40 felines remain in the condo.

“There’s a lot of cat urine all over the floors, on the furniture,” Tim Kennedy of the New Jersey SPCA told CBS. “Cats are up into the rafters. There are pieces of sheet rock that have been removed.”

“My cousin lived with us,” June Dennis continued. “When he died, we tried to keep them going and my husband didn’t realize they were going to multiply this quick,” June Dennis said.

Her husband Richard Dennis, told the station, “I was just going crazy taking care of them. I’m in foreclosure, bankruptcy, all my money is spent on cat food.”

There’s no word yet on whether the couple will face animal abuse charges. This is the fifth animal hoarding situation reported in New Jersey in 2016; another hoarding case was recently reported in Bellmore, Long Island