'NCIS' Actor Michael Weatherly's 'Starter Kid': His Puppy!

The TV star and his wife are loving their new German Shepherd

When Michael Weatherly gets to work on filming new episodes of NCIS, where he plays Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, his professional life becomes variously “all-consuming,” “a vacuum,” “the work void,” he says.

His refuge is his family life with wife Bojana Jankovic, a doctor, and their new dog, a 10-month-old German shepherd puppy named Oriana. And by some stroke of pet owner luck, Oriana has an easy temperament.

“Oriana is the belle of the ball, and that’s the nice thing about her,” Weatherly tells PEOPLE. “She’s very passive and easy-going, which is nice, because I would love to say it reflects on us well.”

Weatherly (who has a teenage son from a previous marriage) and Jankovic are calling Oriana their “starter kid.” And they’ve been doing so well with the pup that they are planning to get her a brother this summer – “so she will have a puppy boy to play with,” Weatherly says.

Before that happens, the couple will continue to enjoy their time as a trio, going on walks and hikes and learning about each other’s training styles (they both like positive reinforcement – with Oriana, that is).

“We are very lucky,” Jankovic says. “She’s wonderful.”

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