Behold the Stunning and Majestic Winners of The Nature Conservancy's Global Photo Contest

The Nature Conservancy reviewed over 100,000 photos from around the world and picked the most awe-inspiring pictures of our planet

Western lowland gorilla female 'Malui'
Photo: Anup Shah/TNC Photo Contest 2021
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Great Ape

Western lowland gorilla female 'Malui'
Anup Shah/TNC Photo Contest 2021

After a one-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Nature Conservancy's Global Photo Contest is back. The environmental organization recently announced the winners of their 2021 event. The top photos were picked from a pool of over 100,000 entries by a panel of judges, including musician and avid photographer Ben Folds.

Anup Shah of the United Kingdom earned the contest's grand prize with a photo of a western lowland gorilla walking through a cloud of butterflies in the Central African Republic.

"I like photos that keep dragging you in. The [gorill';s] face. Tolerance or bliss. It's really hard to tell, and the insects draw you there," Folds said of the shot.

Read on to see more of the gorgeous winners from The Nature Conservancy's photo contest.

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Kitty Paddle

Monstrous rains in Masai
Buddhilini de Soyza/TNC Photo Contest 2021

Buddhilini de Soyza's shot of cheetahs crossing the flooded Talek River in Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve took the 1st Place spot in the contest's Wildlife category.

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Bird Is the Word

different species of birds, mostly greenfinches, goldfinches and bramblings
Mateusz Piesiak/TNC Photo Contest 2021

This photo of wild birds enjoying an unmown field of sunflowers in the winter won the 2nd Place spot in the contest's Wildlife category. Photographer Mateusz Piesiak from Poland took home the honor.

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Fish Eat Fish World

Pike has caught a large perch and is trying to eat it.
Viktor Vrbovsky/TNC Photo Contest 2021

Viktor Vrbovsky of the Czech Republic happened to catch a pike trying to eat a perch on camera and won 3rd Place in the contest's Wildlife category for the shot of the two fish.

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Animals in Need

CanadaIt is a sad sight to watch
Thomas Vijayan/TNC Photo Contest 2021

Thomas Vijayan's photo of an orangutan sitting among the remains of several palm trees shows the harsh effects human development has had on the environment. The picture received an honorable mention in the Wildlife category.

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On the Run

Eastern White-bearded Wildebeest herd on the move
Anup Shah/TNC Photo Contest 2021

Anup Shah won a second honor from this year's contest, earning an honorable mention in the Wildlife category for his photo of wildebeests bucking through Maasai Mara National Reserve.

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Hide and Seek

sea lion calf
Kristhian Castro/TNC Photo Contest 2021

Colombia's Kristhian Castro also earned an honorable mention in the Wildlife category for their photo of a Galapagos sea lion calf waiting in the sand for its mother.

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Price of Palm Oil

Saving Orangutans
Alain Schroeder/TNC Photo Contest 2021

Belgium's Alain Schroeder shot shows a young orangutan named Brenda prepping for surgery after her natural habitat was cleared for palm oil production. This powerful photo won 1st Place in the contest's People and Nature category.

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Tree of Life

Fireflies Just before Monsoon
Prathamesh Ghadekar/TNC Photo Contest 2021

Prathamesh Ghadekar of India won the People's Choice prize with this photo of fireflies congregating on a tree in India.

To see even more of the winners from this year's contest, visit The Nature Conservancy's website.

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