February 17, 2009 12:45 PM

As nutty as my dogs are for bones, they’re even crazier about ANTLERZ dog chews. Sold by QT Dog, ANTLERZ are naturally shed deer antlers cut down to dog-chew size. They’re 100% natural, they don’t come from a slaughterhouse, they come from wild deer that shed their antlers once a year. These chews have inspired a full-on obsession from my dogs, including one dog crying when the other has an ANTLERZ. Starting at around $5, ANTLERZ are fairly affordable and hold up well to chewing. But be advised that even the large size isn’t incredibly large at 5” long and an inch and a quarter around; if you have a very large dog, you’ll want to find a “Jumbo” or “Monster” size. Look for ANTLERZ in your natural pet store or online at retailers like Amazon or Paws to Go.

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