Chelsea Grubb/Smithsonian’s National Zoo
September 06, 2016 09:17 AM

We’re calling it the Catalina Wine Mixer (and we think Step Brothers fans everywhere would appreciate that)!

A sea lion named Catalina who was born at the National Zoo in June is getting to know the members of her colony, and it’s going really well.

Catalina, the first of her kind born at the zoo in 32 years, has been slowly acclimating to her exhibit since her debut on August 22, the zoo’s website said, and is exploring alongside her 11-year-old mother Calli.

“Calli has introduced the pup to all members of the colony, including two unrelated females named Summer and Sidney,” says their website.

Clearly, the cuteness is strong with this one. An Instagram video shows Catalina frolicking in the water at her enclosure, with mom keeping a close watch.

Native to the West Coast of North America, California sea lions range from Baja, Mexico, to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, the zoo said. Though these cuties were once hunted for their skin, they are now classified as a species of least concern.

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