December 11, 2017 03:40 PM

Now here’s a video to make you forget those Monday blues, and help you start focusing on the winter whites — or blacks and whites, as the case may be.

On Saturday, the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C., posted this adorable video of its panda Mei Xiang getting giddy in the snow. In less than two days, the adorable footage has more than 319,000 views.

The zoo’s post about the panda reads, “#MeiXiang’s on a roll! She had some fun in the snow this morning. #PandaStory”

Indeed, in this beyond-cute clip, the playful panda bear is seen running, rolling and somersaulting around in the snow and ice-covered leaves of her enclosure.

According to the National Zoo’s website, the staff works to keep all zoo animals happy, healthy and comfortable in the snow. “The Zoo’s giant pandas, are native to the cold climate of the western Chinese mountains and are actually more active in the wintertime,” reads the release. “Panda habitat in the high elevations of the mountains is generally damper than our winter weather, but when it comes to temperature, the two climates are very similar.”

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The pure joy of Mei Xiang’s caught-on-camera moment will have you wishing you were just a bear, standing (and tumbling!) in the snow, asking the world to love her.

And we do!

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