Dog's Eye View: See What It's Like to Be a Therapy Dog at a Children's Hospital

These canines are part of the Akron Children's Hospital Doggie Brigade

Monday is National Therapy Animal Day! A special holiday founded by Pet Partners.

These kind, giving creatures are invaluable to the people they help. Often these dogs, cats, pigs and other therapy pets are a friendly, furry and fun face amid a stressful and potentially painful time.

To celebrate these amazing four-legged souls, PEOPLE went inside the normal day of therapy dogs making their rounds at Akron Children’s Hospital.

The canines we are hitching a ride with are part of the Doggie Brigade, the second oldest and one of the largest animal-assistance programs in the country.

Courtesy Akron Children's Hospital

As you can see in the clip, these doggie do-gooders bring smiles wherever they go, not just brightening the day of pediatric patients but their families and friends as well.

For a patient at Akron Children’s Hospital these little moments can mean forgetting you’re sick or in pain, even if it is just for 5 minutes. And that’s big.

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The 80 therapy pooches currently volunteering with the Doggie Brigade also help patients lower their blood pressure, lower their stress levels and stay calm throughout hospital treatments.

Not all superheroes wear capes — turns out many wear leashes.

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