Amy Jamieson
March 01, 2017 10:00 AM

It’s true what they say about love always finding a way.

Love from a team of animal rescuers is what it took to bring Lucy the rescued Red Wattle pig and an apprehensive pig named Bert together  — and love is what will keep this pig couple together on National Pig Day (March 1) and beyond.

The story began when an abandoned pig named Lucy was taken in by the Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (JARR) in St. Helena, California, which was charged with finding her a forever home.

As fate would have it, another rescue named Animal Place heard about Lucy via Facebook and reached out to JARR to offer Lucy a permanent pig pen, thinking she might make a perfect companion for Bert, a male pig who failed to bond with other pigs on their farm.

It took a few “dates” but Lucy and Bert — who now reside together at Animal Place — are going strong. Now they spend their days playing ball, eating, snuggling together and giving us all #RelationshipGoals.

“It’s a love story that was meant to be,” says Monica Stevens, co-founder of Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch. “We were crossing our fingers when we brought Lucy to Bert at Animal Place, and are so excited to see how quickly they bonded. Pigs are smart, sensitive animals and Lucy and her relationship with Bert are great evidence of that. It’s something special to watch and a reminder that happily-ever-after exists.”

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