Celebrate the most adorable bear holiday with a variety of new and classic panda videos

By Saryn Chorney
March 16, 2018 10:00 AM

Panda videos: They’re the Hallmark cards of the Internet animal kingdom. Whatever your mood, there’s a lumbering black-and-white ball of fluff to symbolize some personal joy or existential angst. In honor of National Panda Day, we’re gifting you nine cute clips to help express your innermost fuzzy feelings.

Baby Fever

Obsessive Affection

Playful Persistence

I’m King of the World!” Enthusiasm

Stubborn Insubordination

Shock and Awe-Shucks, Bless You Child

Rambunctious Romping

Futile Escapism

Unhinged Showmanship

Doubly Determined

We hope you have as much fun celebrating as we do. To keep the Panda Day fun going, check out 16 gratuitous photos of baby pandas, and find out which pandas you can meet in real life in North America!