July 30, 2018 11:05 AM

These dogs were saved from shelters and now they are saving others.

The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation makes a point of adopting rescue canines to give them a new start as disaster search dogs. The grateful pooches are trained at the foundation’s 125-acre facility.

The founder of the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, Wilma Melville, started the non-profit shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing, when she realized there were only 15 FEMA canine disaster search teams for the entire nation.

To help boost those numbers, Melville started searching animal shelters for dogs who seemed like a good fit for disaster search work. Flash forward to today, and the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation has 69 active teams, and 17 more dogs working in training.

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While the trainees are learning how to search, alert their human partners and master agility courses, the biggest lesson they are gaining from their training is that they are all good dogs who should be proud and happy of the who they are.

To learn more about the amazing shelter dogs working with National Disaster Search Dog Foundation teams, watch the video above and check out the foundation’s website.

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