National Cat Day: 4 Touching Kitty Heroes to Inspire You

These felines have a lot of love to give

Fresh from the litterbox: It’s National Cat Day!

This is the time to give your feline friend a generous chin rub and let any other kitties know that they are pretty much purrfect too.

Animal lovers know that pets can change lives for the better. Usually it’s in little ways, but sometimes cats can pull off some truly heroic feats.

These unsung feline heroes found on Imgur don’t wear capes (some wear collars) but all of them deserve a statue built in their honor after performing these amazing acts for the sake of other animals and humans.

Read these true tales to your kitty tonight as inspiring bedtime stories.

Rademenesa the Incredible Nursing Cat


This kitty ended up at Polish animal shelter with a respiratory infection when he was just 2 months old. After recovering, he was adopted by the shelter and now spends days comforting other animals who are sick and recovering from surgery.

Delta the Duck Mom


Just a few hours after giving birth, Delta discovered a group of abandoned ducklings. Riding high on her maternal instincts, Delta took the baby birds under her paw, raising and nursing them alongside her kittens.

Paishy the Understanding Friend


Imgur user DarwinFinch was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy at age 12 and struggled with depression as a result of her diagnosis. Paishy the kitten proved to the best medicine for her owner. The cat’s companionship, cuddles and sweet demeanor helped her owner approach life with a positive attitude and work towards a PHD in Autism Neuroscience.

Hobbit the Hero


Hobbit is continued proof that cats can be the best medicine. Battling depression and anxiety while trying to live alone for the first time, Hobbit’s owner adopted the fluffy cat as a roommate. The kitty turned out to be much more, helping his owner grow into the new living situation.

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