February 03, 2017 11:43 AM

Kitties, puppies and bunnies are playing their big games on Sunday, but football isn’t just for the furry and four-legged. Now there will be fins passing the pigskin, too.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Feb 5., the Los Angeles Clams will be taking on the Buffalo Gills for the title of National Fish Football Champion in Fish Bowl IV.

Penguin sportscasters — like Herring Andrews and Koi Aikman — will be on the sidelines of the Deep Sea Field (trying not to eat the players!) so they can offer play-by-play analysis of all the action, especially if the ref makes any fishy calls.

Tune in to all the dives, dips and touchdowns of the Fish Bowl IV on Nat Geo Wild on Sunday Feb. 5 at 4/3c. 

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