Say Hello to Sunday! Natalie Portman Rescues Prison Dog as 'the Newest Addition to Our Family'

The Black Swan star adopted Sunday from the Paws for Life K9 Rescue, which pairs rescue dogs with inmates for training

Natalie Portman‘s family just grew by four paws!

The 38-year-old actress shared an adorable photo of her new rescue pup named Sunday, who she rescued earlier this month from Paws for Life K9 Rescue.

The organization takes dogs from city and county shelters in California that need to be trained or need socialization, and places the pooches with trainers who are incarcerated throughout California State Prisons.

“We do this because they can dedicate all of their time to their rehabilitation,” the group’s website says.

Portman thanked the organization in her caption, writing, “So grateful to all the people @pawsforlifek9 who trained Sunday, the newest addition to our family! Paws for Life is a prison dog training program for PTSD service dogs and CGC certified adoptable dogs. I saw first-hand how their program is healing for both the trainer and dog.”

Sunday is an adorable mixed breed female dog with white fur, who in Portman’s photo sported a black bandana around her neck with her tongue happily lolling out — and several celebs couldn’t help but comment on Portman’s post to welcome her new furry friend.

“Hi Sunday! You’re 💕” wrote Mindy Kaling, while Ellen Pompeo added, “Adorable!!!!”

Sunday joins Portman’s other pooch, Penny, and of course husband Benjamin Millepied and daughter Amalia, 2, and Aleph, 8.

The Black Swan star is a noted animal lover and longtime vegan.

Speaking with Harper’s Bazaar in May, Portman noted that she initially was vegetarian in order not to hurt animals, but then took it a step farther by avoiding animal products altogether.

Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman. Steve Granitz/WireImage

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“I was vegetarian before, and had eaten eggs and dairy and I thought, ‘that doesn’t really hurt animals, it’s a natural bi-product of an animal’ which I still believe if you’re on a nice farm and have a few chickens, but the vast majority of animals are raised in such devastating way,” the star said.

“It’s devastating for the animals of course, but also for the environment,” she added. “I was changed by it and it made me feel that it was urgent to, not just change the way I was, but also to spread the word.”

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