Mark Rober found a creative and hilarious way to squirrel-proof his bird feeder.


With professional sports currently on hiatus due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, animals are doing a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to athletic entertainment.

Former NASA and Apple engineer Mark Rober has taken the newly-developed world of quarantine animal sports to a new level with his squirrel obstacle course.

Rober built the expansive course, which features numerous Ninja Warrior-esque challenges, to discourage a group of seed-stealing squirrels from continually raiding the bird feeder he set up in his backyard.

For weeks, Rick, Marty, Frank, and Phat Gus had pillaged Rober's bird feeder, outsmarting any anti-squirrel adjustments he tried to make, so this obstacle course was Rober's final attempt to best the squirrels.

Even with rope bridges, fake girl squirrels and wild jumps, the squirrels showed impressive prowess at overcoming obstacles to get to their coveted seed snacks.

Watch the whole video above to see Rober's final creation, and how many adjustments he had to make to ensure his bird feeder is truly squirrel-proof.