A crow unearthed a bag of methamphetamine at a gas station in Australia, police discovered via CCTV.

By Alex Heigl
Updated October 12, 2016 02:28 PM


Crows are really smart, and aside from holding grudges, it turns out they’ve started narcing us out.

Police in Western Australia had the bulk of their job performed for them, when they discovered a bag of methamphetamine on the ground of a gas station.

“No one was in the immediate vicinity so they decided to check the service station CCTV to try and identify a person or vehicle responsible for the drugs,” the police wrote on Facebook.

CCTV revealed that instead of a person or vehicle, it was a crow. The bird, rifling through the gas station’s trash can for food, inadvertently (or perhaps extremely advertently) came across the bag of meth and discarded it for police to find.

“The crow took off from the scene, believed heading for a crowbar,” the police wrote, which is a pun they should be deeply ashamed of.

The only logical conclusion to draw from this video is that crows are no longer content to stand idly by and plot our demise: They now believe that jailing us for drug-related violations will be the quickest way to get us out of the way, and they’re probably right.

Never trust a crow.