October 12, 2015 06:13 PM

The residents of White House, Tennessee, are trying to find a mystery man who risked his life to save a stranger’s dog from a fire. 

According to WSMV, firefighters in the area received a call on Saturday evening about a fast-moving residential fire. When crews arrived at the scene, they found a massive blaze and an amazing story. 

Before the firefighters arrived, a man stopped his car in front of the house, ran inside the buring home and returned outside with a frightened dog in his arms. The good Samaritan’s inspiring act was caught on camera by Jimmy Nichols, a neighbor who was worriedly watching the fire from nearby. 

“This guy in a gray Mustang pulls up says, ‘I do this for a living,’ and he runs in and he comes out about two minutes later with this beautiful dog in his arms, and it was incredible to see,” said Nichols.

Authorities still don’t have answers on who the rescuer was or how he knew there was a dog inside the house, because the mystery man disappeared shortly after carrying the dog to safety. 

“He got in his car and he left; it was so weird, he just took off,” said Nichols.

Locals are certain this anonymous act of bravery saved the dog’s life. Seconds after the man removed the pet from the burning house, the roof collapsed. 

Neighbors hope the canine’s savior will come forward, so they can thank him for his selfless deed. 

“He’s got the love and respect of this whole community,” said Nichols.

The owners of the now flame-ravaged home were out of town when the blaze broke out. Neighbors cared for the dog, who is said to be in good health, until the owners returned. 


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