They’re feathered and fabulous

July 28, 2015 05:40 PM


Words hurt humans and pigeons alike. After years of being called rats with wings, a few pigeons have decided it is time for a shocking change.

According to Mashable, these city birds have been popping up around Britain, startling citizens and taking over Twitter.

The Manchester Evening News was the first sharp-eyed paper to spot one of the unusual cooers, posting a photo of one of the white and magenta birds outside a Stockport church.

“It did seem tired, so I thought it might have been in a race, but I’ve never seen a pigeon dyed pink before,” Wes Charnock, the man who took the shot, told the Manchester Evening News. “I posted pictures online to see what people thought, and they have been suggesting it was used in a wedding or is a racing pigeon.”


As the story has spread across Britain, the paper’s query about the bird’s unusual hue has sparked a slew of other photos. People are now sharing their shots of pink pigeons seen recently around Great Britain.


Could this be a secret avian society meant for Sherlock Holmes to unmask? Probably not. Many believe the pigeons are racing birds, which are often colored to distinguish them from less athletic pigeons.


Still, part of me hopes there’s an elusive gang of Grease-loving pigeons over in the U.K. who like to call themselves Pink Ladies.

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