The actress recently brought home a rescue puppy

By Jeffrey Slonim
Updated November 25, 2010 06:43 PM

Anna Chlumsky has been married for more than two years. So it’s fine time she started thinking about children – children of the four-legged variety, that is.

“We just got a puppy,” the actress told at Glamour’s 20th annual Women of the Year Awards in New York City. “She’s an Aussie shepherd mix. She’s adorable!”

Chlumsky and husband Shaun So, both 29, rescued the pooch, named Vaza, from a shelter in New Jersey. And already, the eager pup is learning tricks. “She rings a bell to go outside,” Chlumsky shared. “That’s pretty good.” “We’ve been working on that for a while,” So added.

But naturally, most of Vaza’s time is devoted to play, and she has one ‘playmate’ in particular she just can’t get enough of. “She has this Canadian goose that my cousin gave her, and she rips it to shreds,” Chlumsky said, laughing. “But she loves it.”