My Chihuahua Saved My Life!

Lost in a cold, desolate forest, Beverley Burkitt says her dog Pebbles saved her from hypothermia.

When Beverly Burkitt got lost in a desolate forest in North Wales, she says her little Chihuahua, Pebbles, helped her stay alive in chilling temperatures overnight by keeping her warm.

Burkitt, a dwarf who stands at 3 foot 8 inches tall, told Britain’s The Sunthat the warmth she received from snuggling up to her pooch saved her from hypothermia.

“Pebbles lay across my legs overnight and kept me warm. I was wearing a coat but it wasn’t as warm as Pebbles. I wasn’t too worried as I knew I’d be found sooner or later,” says Burkitt, who was discovered by a rescue team after a search involving ground teams and helicopters.

Burkitt traveled to the horse-riding center in North Wales with her 15-year-old daughter, Jasmine (above), and Pebbles the dog. She went off on a walk on Saturday and accidentally dropped her mobile phone. Unsure of where to go, she was stranded with just her black and white dog by her side.

Chris Lloyd, of Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue, told The Sun: “She realized she was lost and just waited. Luckily she had her dog to keep her warm.”

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