'My Big Fat Pet Makeover' Is Here to Help Your Pet Get a Summer Bod This Winter

See Gracie the Chihuahua's new, amazing slimmed-down look and learn how you can help your pet shed extra weight

Pet obesity is a big problem.

Well-meaning owners across the country often show their love for their pets through food, leaving countless animals overweight with numerous health risks.

Animal Planet’s My Big Fat Pet Makeover is here to help. The new show, which premieres Sept. 30, helps obese pets slim down and helps owners banish the bad habits that have led to their pets’ extra pudge.

Travis Brorsen is the man guiding these fat dogs and cats towards a healthier weight. And while he can’t visit every overweight pet in America, he does have some general tips for all owners on how they can fight pet obesity.

Brorsen advises creating a feeding plan with a measured amount of food for your pet and sticking to it, no matter how much they beg for more. It’s important that these measurements are set for your pet’s goal weight, not the weight they currently are. This means table scraps need to be cut out. If you want to feed your pet a snack while you are eating, try a healthy, pet-safe option like sweet potatoes or green beans.

With some dedication and a little tough love you can help your pet shed pounds just like Gracie in the clip above.

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