Must See Premiere: DogTown Season 3 Begins Tonight!

On tonight's season premiere you'll meet a little terrier with a lot of love to give.

We’ve all set our DVRs for tonight’s premiere of DogTown, have you? National Geographic’s DogTown, the heartrending series about rescue dogs that make their way to Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, is back for a third season – and you’ll fall in love with the amazing pooches you meet in the premiere, especially a little terrier named Aristotle. The dog was rescued from a hoarding situation and comes to Best Friends with a mysterious and painful skin condition. You’ll fall in love with the little guy who is so upbeat despite obvious pain. And, you’ll root for Dr. Mike Dix to pinpoint a diagnosis – is it mange? Is it ringworm? We hope little Aristotle is rewarded with a forever home after going through such trauma. Thanks for working so hard to turn this pooch’s life around, DogTown! That’s why we can’t stop watching.

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