This Healing Paw Balm with More Than 7,000 Perfect Ratings Is a 'Must-Have for Every Dog Owner'

Reviewers say it has led to marked improvements for dry, cracked paws

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Musher's Secret Dog Paw Wax
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Since a dog's paw is often the most scraped and chaffed part of their body, it's important to protect the soft padded cushions on their paws against summer's grueling heat and winter's freezing temperatures (not to mention snow-melting rock salt that's notoriously bad for paws). Wearing booties can be one of the easiest — and funniest — ways to protect your dogs' paws on the street, but Amazon shoppers have found a less obtrusive method in Musher's Secret Paw Wax.

This paw balm, which has more than 7,300 five-star ratings, has the approval of thousands of pet parents who call it something "amazing" that has led to noticeable improvements in just a week of use and a product that's a "must-have for every dog owner" to heal dogs' cracked paws. Currently, Musher's Secret Paw Wax is so popular that its 16-ounce and 2.1-ounce versions are all out of stock, but thankfully its 7-ounce tub is still shoppable.

Musher's Secret Dog Paw Wax

Buy It! Musher's Secret Paw Wax, $24.99;

As a deeply moisturizing balm, Musher's Secret Paw Wax acts as a protective barrier against irritants, heat, and the dry cold. It's made with a food-grade, plant-based wax bolstered by vitamin E and beeswax, and can be used on our pups' noses and other dry patches beyond just their paws. The brand recommends applying it twice or three times per week (or more often in extreme heat or cold), and reviewers say doing so has made a marked difference, leaving their dogs' skin much softer, healthier, and shinier.

"I originally bought this to protect my doggo while we walked in the summer and salt in the winter," wrote a reviewer who said Musher's paw balm has healed their dog's paws. "He was adopted by us as a stray at [age] six, and when we got him, his paws were so cracked and dry, he hated having them touched. Although it wasn't why I originally bought it, this product started to heal his paws immediately. You can see in the photos what a big difference has been made with semi-regular use in just two months. His paws don't hurt anymore and he doesn't mind them being touched."

Another pet parent raved about how much it has helped their 14-year-old dog suffering from arthritis. Saying that the paw wax has given their dog "a new lease on life," the shopper wrote that "after a couple of days of massaging a small amount into his [paw] pads twice a day (morning and night), I noticed that his paws were still slipping on the tile, but to the same extent and he was not falling anymore from it. The overall dryness of his pads was also noticeably better, too. It has been several weeks now and all but the worst of his cracks are resolved and his pads are now soft and supple like our two-year-old dog's pads."

These are just two out of the 2,000-plus five-star reviews left by pet parents who swear by Musher's Secret Paw Wax. With winter's cold and freezing conditions on the horizon for most pet parents, now's the best time to stock up on this protective balm. Shop it at Amazon for $25 now.

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