K9 Cinemas also offers snacks for humans and canines
Yellow Labrador wearing 3-D glasses at theater
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Movie dates just got more adorable.

According to Plano Profile, K9 Cinemas, a movie theater designed for dog owners and their pets, opened in Plano, Texas, on Dec. 7.

K9 Cinemas allows humans to bring up to two dogs each into the theater, to sit by their side and enjoy the show. Owners are responsible for taking their canines out for bathroom breaks and for cleaning up after their pets.

The theater also requires that all pooch patrons are up-to-date on their shots. Owners can submit veterinary records online or bring a copy of their dog’s records to the box office.

In an effort to serve both species, K9 Cinemas offers affordable snacks for both humans and dogs.

K9 Cinemas is currently open on select weekends and is operated out of a private event space, reports GuideLive.com. The space consists of a big screen, padded chairs and a concrete floor — ideal for easy clean-up.

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Since the operation is a semi-permanent feature, K9 Cinemas is showing classic movies instead of new releases. Slated for the rest of the year are screenings of holiday classics like Home Alone and Elf.

In the new year, Eric Lankford, the founder of K9 Cinemas, plans to open the theater every weekend, with the goal of eventually offering screenings every day.