November 29, 2016 03:27 PM

Life is better with cats. I know it, the lady down the street who has 11 cats knows it, and the Instagram account Movie Cats knows it.

Let’s focus on the last one.

A man in Notts, U.K., has created an Instagram account dedicated to recreating famous movies with a cat in one of the lead parts. Each week, the cat dad carefully stages a scene from a blockbuster movie with one of his Burmese felines, Tara and Willow, and shares it on the social network.

After just six weeks, the account has over 38,000 followers — further proof that many agree the kitties add cinematic value.

Some of the classic flicks tackled so far include E.T., Ghost, The Shining and Alien.

Since weeks go by oh-so-slow, those looking for even more of Willow and Tara can check out Casual Movie Cats, which is a behind-the-scenes peek at how Movie Cats’s shots are created.

We can only hope this man’s determination to show off the acting chops of felines — and the necessity to add kitties to just about every bit of pop culture — inspires others to do the same.

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