This unusual family hails from Thailand and is stealing hearts across the Internet

By Saryn Chorney
January 29, 2018 06:04 PM

Pigs and puppies, living together, mass hysteria!

More like massively adorable. We squealed with delight upon viewing this heartwarming video of a mother pig in Korat, Thailand, nursing a cute little canine alongside her own biological babies.

The video, which was filmed on Jan. 18, was uploaded to Youtube on Sunday and we predict animal lovers from every corner of the globe will soon be sharing its precious depiction of interspecies love and inclusion.

Anyone who’s ever called their own adopted pup “a little piggy” can understand how simple it is to care for and nurture a needy orphan. The baby dog’s piglet siblings don’t see a difference between their pink flesh and his soft brown fur, and seemingly neither does mama pig.

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While it’s unknown whether the puppy was orphaned or rejected by its birth mother, does it really matter? His adopted family is happy to share their meal now, knowing he’ll return the favor with some warm and fuzzy snuggles later.