Mazel tov to Tassi and her kids!

We promise we are not kidding around with this headline. A mother goat named Tassi, possibly the G.O.A.T., gave birth to twins during a recent goat yoga class in Suwanee, Georgia, according to The Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

Although Red Wagon Goats knew Tassi, who is almost two years old, was pregnant, the moment still caught the owners of the business by surprise.

Megan Kibby said that by the end of the class, it became obvious that Tassi was going into labor. She began to walk in circles and scratch at the ground, so Kibby requested that her co-owner, Jason Lewis, bring the animal back into her very own private goat trailer. However, Tassi and her babies had other plans. As soon as the man picked her up, she began to push.

Kibby and Lewis took the mama goat under a tent, while goat yoga participants gathered around to watch. Tassi soon gave birth to a baby girl, Sue-Anna, named for the town of Suwanee. But that’s not all.

Credit: Red Wagon Goats/Facebook

“Then, we saw another face pop out,” Kibby told the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. A little boy goat, named Storm for a flash of lightening during his birth, joined Tassi and Sue-Anna. All three animals are reportedly healthy.

“We have grandkids now,” Kibby told the New York Times.

“All our blue eyed beauties are doing great and super sweet,” Red Wagon Goats posted to Facebook last weekend.

As it turns out, this birth was the second birthing event of the week for Red Wagon Goats. On Saturday, another mama goat named EmmyLou also gave birth to twins. Kibby says that when one goat “goes, they all go” due to “the hormones in the air.” Sometimes it happens around a full moon she says, although not this time.

The twins born to Tassi will soon be up on the mat with their mom. The Red Wagon Goats owners say they tend to start the newborn kids as yoga goats at a young age so they get acclimated to the environment and people early.

The New York Times reports that Red Wagon Goats now counts 35 animals in its roster. They host family-friendly yoga sessions and cater to adults with classes for ages 21 and up. Private events cost around $40 per person, with a minimum of 10 yogis. Chocolate and plenty of baby goat snuggles are served up after class.

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Mazel tov to Tassi and her kids, as well as EmmyLou and the whole Red Wagon Goats gang.