May 18, 2017 01:11 PM

Everything is kisses and cuddles for Jamie the pit bull and her daughter Zaza today, but the road leading to their reunion has been rough.

In April 2016, both dogs were rescued by Brooklyn’s 63rd Precinct from abysmal conditions, where the animals had been forced to live in filth.

When Jamie was pulled from this horrible place, she was soaked in urine and feces, and could barely walk because her nails had grown long enough to start digging into her paw pads. Zaza was found with infected ears and toes. Both of the pit bulls were taken to the ASPCA, which has a partnership with the NYPD, to recover from the neglect they had suffered.

Unaware that the dogs were a mother and daughter pair, the canines were eventually separated, since they were recovering at different rates.

After two months of dedicated care, Zaza was ready to find her forever home. Stacey Richman, an employee with Discovery Communications who met Zaza while volunteering at the ASPCA, fell in love with the young pit bull and decided to adopt her, renaming her Dani.

“I just saw this dog, and that was all she wrote. I needed her. You could say it was fate. I really believe she and I were meant to find one another. I couldn’t be more grateful for the day if I tried. She’s the best thing to happen to me. Life has been amazing for both of us,” Richman told the ASPCA.

Stacey Axelrod/ASPCA

Jamie, who needed a year to fully heal from the cruelty thrust upon her, was treated to her own special day with the NYPD once she was feeling herself again. Officers from 12 different precincts gathered together to give the furry mom a day out in the Big Apple. Shortly after this special moment, Jamie found her forever family in Einat Lapidot and her husband Matt Winum, who renamed the pit bull Lucinda.

“We had wanted to adopt for a while, and when we walked into the ASPCA to look, we knew we wanted to rescue a dog that had the slimmest chances of finding a home. Jamie had been in the Adoption Center awhile, and the minute we met her, we knew she was meant to be with us! She’s also completely changed our perceptions of pit bulls,” Lapidot said. 


Shortly after Lucinda/Jamie settled into her new digs, the ASPCA discovered that she and Zaza were mother and daughter. The organization notified each dog’s family, who immediately arranged a reunion between the duo.

The furry family recognized each other immediately. After a year apart, Jamie and Zaza spent most of their time together rolling around and covering each other in kisses. It was a wonderful sight for their pet parents, who both agreed they had never seen their dogs so delighted.

After seeing how happy the meeting made both pit bulls, Zaza and Jamie’s forever families are already planning another meeting.


 “Dani and Lucinda’s story is an incredible example of how dogs can overcome past tragedy to become loving companions. Their reunion was made possible through the ASPCA’s partnership with the NYPD and the generosity of adopters opening their homes and hearts to canine cruelty victims. We encourage everyone to always make adoption their first option,” ASPCA President and CEO Matt Bershadker said in a statement.

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