Some animal lovers are willing to pay over $15,000 to be the parent to an exotic pet

By Kelli Bender
June 26, 2017 12:51 PM

If you are considering adding an animal to your life, adoption is an amazing option. By making this choice you are saving two lives: the pet you are adopting and the one you are making room for in the shelter.

But for some, the animals available in shelters are not exotic or expensive enough. One of the more unusual pets people buy is the Capuchin monkey.

This black-and-white cutie, who some may recognize as Marcel on Friends, can cost you up to $10,000, not to mention the up-keep expenses. Monkey moms and dads can expect to pay close to $70 a month on diapers for this animal.

A Capuchin monkey is just one example (a cheaper one, too) of the animals some are paying serious money to bring into their homes. See what other creatures made the list in the video above.