Morgan Spurlock is adapting Robert Sullivan's best-selling book Rats into a "horror documentary"

By Alex Heigl
October 11, 2016 10:11 AM

Rats are everywhere — did you know that? Morgan Spurlock knows that now. His new documentary, titled simply Rats, explores that idea.

Spurlock’s documentary is a “horror documentary,” he explained, inspired by childhood viewings of JawsThe Exorcist and Scanners. When the time came for him to create a documentary based on Robert Sullivan’s best-selling book about the rats of New York City, Rats, he decided to make it into a horror film. (No word on whether Pizza Rat will make an appearance.)

Now, you can argue about the ethics of taking what is essentially a clear-eyed and well thought-out exploration of disease, city politics and the species itself and turning it into a shock-fest, or you can just watch the trailer and be horrified.

Also, no one’s telling you that you can’t do both!