The Oscar-winning actor shares a few stories about the family pets that filled his youth

By Karen J. Quan
Updated April 15, 2011 02:00 PM

She might not have been a panty-raiding cat, but Morgan Freeman had a dog who took a liking to women’s accessories.

“We’re walking, and on the ground were a pair of ladies’ gloves. Nice looking ladies’ gloves,” the actor recalled for AOL’s You’ve Got series. “And then I thought, wait a minute – I can use those. So I said, go back and get those gloves. She wheeled around, went back, picked up one glove, [and] she brought it back. I said, go get the other one. She went back.”

While it might not have been your ordinary game of fetch, the actor admits that this story is not one he tells often. “I said [to myself] you can’t tell this to anybody, they’re not going to believe that this dog did this. But that was who she was, that is what she would do.”

Freeman, who narrates the documentary Born to be Wild 3D – a film about two women who dedicate their lives to rescuing and rehabilitating endangered animals – also recalls another pup who fancied himself to be quite the music man.

“I did have a special dog. Just about everywhere I went, he went,” Freeman says. “I was with the school band, and whenever we had a parade, there, Blackhead would be. He would be going along, just loving the music.”

Having been raised with both cats and dogs in his home, the star is an advocate for growing up with animals.

“I think that it’s more than important for kids to grow up with pets,” he says. “A loving pet is the most loving you’re ever going to get.”