Moony the Werewolf Cat Looks Like He's Seen a Full Moon or Two

"Some people love her, some hate her but nobody stays indifferent to Moony," says the cat's owner

Werewolves: Not just a dog thing anymore.

Meet Moony the cat. This feline is covered in long, grey fur that gives her an adorably monstrous appearance. Her unique look is the result of a rare hormonal disorder known as hypertrichosis — also called werewolf syndrome —which leads to excessive hair growth, reports Express. (The disorder is also found in humans.)

While Moony’s spooky facade scares off some animal lovers, it has also helped her amass thousands of fans. The cat’s owner Luc Michaud, of Quebec, Canada, started a Facebook page for his pet, which now has over 11,000 likes.


“One day my niece came over and started to scream, ‘It’s a monster’ – she’d watched Labyrinth the day before. But I feel like I am the luckiest guy in the world to have found her. She is the most sensitive cat I have ever seen,” Michaud, who works as a janitor, told Express. “She is the most sensitive cat I have ever seen.”

Michaud found Moony as a kitten, abandoned in a litter box outside his apartment building in the freezing cold. He took the then 5-month-old cat around to all of the apartments to see if anyone could identify her, but had no luck. In the end it was for the best, because Michaud was already in love with Moony.

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“Moony needs a lot of care to stop her long hairs getting in her eyes and her nose and I have to give her eye drops every day. Maybe that’s why they left her. I found her in the morning so I think she was there all night. She was freezing and so afraid,” Michaud said. “As soon as I saw those big yellow eyes I was like ‘wow’. She was the most beautiful cat I had ever seen.”


The owner took his new kitten to the vet and discovered she was a purebred Persian, one unlike the vet had seen before. Michaud assumed she was a odd type of Persian until he spotted online kitty sensation Atchoum on TV, who has the same disorder, and learned more about hypertrichosis.

It was after learning about Moony’s special scruff that Michaud decided to start sharing her photos with the world.

“Some people love her, some hate her but nobody stays indifferent to Moony,” the owner said of his little beast’s newfound fame.

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