Montana Community Pulls Together to Save 4 Frantic Horses Stuck in Frozen Pond — Watch!

Firefighters, animal control officers, horse trainers, and neighbors all helped a Montana horse owner save their four young horses from a scary cold water accident

Sometimes it takes a village to pull off a successful animal rescue.

According to NBC Montana, community members of Kalispell, Montana, rallied together and saved four horses who fell through the ice of a frozen pond and got stuck in the cold waters.

The South Kalispell Fire Department responded to a call about the animals on Dec. 5 and found four agitated young horses caught in a small pond. The owner of the horses told NBC Montana the animals were playing together near the frozen pond when they all fell through the ice.

Luckily, the firefighters didn't have to handle this large rescue alone; plenty of locals stepped in to assist with freeing the horses from the pond.

"Through the cooperative efforts of fire department responders, FCSO animal control officers, Rebecca Farm staff, and many neighbors, all four horses were successfully rescued from the pond and transported for veterinary care," the fire department shared on Facebook about the rescue.

horses rescued from ice

Firefighters worked with the Flathead County Sheriff's Office and staff members from the horse trainer Rebecca Farm to figure out the best way to get the animals out of the water.

The rescuers tried building a ramp and digging a bank to help the horses get out of the pond on their own. After those approaches didn't work, the rescuers harnessed each horse and pulled the animals out of the pond separately.

NBC Montana reported that the animals were in the water for over three hours. Thankfully, the time in the frozen pond didn't seriously injure the horses. After their trip to the vet, the horses all returned home in good health.

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