Mom and Son Dog Pair in Shelter for 8 Months Looking for Forever Home For Mother's Day

Ten-year-old dog mom Queen and her 4-year-old son Freddy are still inseparable and very loving towards one another

mother and son dog looking for home
Freddy and Queen . Photo: Homeward Trails

Mother's Day is coming up and moms everywhere deserve a little extra attention this week — dog moms included.

Queen, a 10-year-old rescue pooch and mom to 4-year-old dog Freddy, wants something particular as her Mother's Day treat: a home for her and her kid.

In August, the mother-son canine pair were surrendered to a shelter by their former family, who unfortunately fell on hard times and were unable to care for the dogs any longer.

Queen and Freddy sat in a shelter for eight months and had no luck finding a new forever home. The two pups are now under that care of Homeward Trails, a Washington D.C.-based non-profit that has placed the two with a foster family.

mother and son dog looking for home
mother and son dog looking for home Homeward Trails

Homeward Trails is now working hard on finding a home where the furry family can be together forever. According to the non-profit, the pair needs to stay together because whenever they are apart all they do is look for each other.

mother and son dog looking for home
mother and son dog looking for home Homeward Trails

When Queen and Freddy are together, which they almost always are, they can be found cuddling, napping side by side and playfully bumping heads. Their current foster family says that they have never seen a dog act so motherly and loving to a child that is no longer of puppy age.

Homeward Trails hopes that by sharing the story of this inseparable duo, they can help the dogs find a forever home for Mother's Day.

To learn more about Homeward Trails and how you can adopt Queen and Freddy, visit the non-profit's website.

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