Mom Dog Saves Her Puppies By Hiding Them Until She Can Find Help

Nana the dog gave birth to two litters that didn't make it before welcoming 9 healthy puppies who are looking for homes

Nana the dog is a super mom.

According to The Dodo, the North Carolina canine spent most of her four years chained up outside. During that time, she gave birth to three litters of puppies. Sadly, the first two litters did not survive, but all nine puppies of the third managed to live, thanks to their mom’s efforts.

After finding the puppies, Nana’s owner decided to make a Facebook post offering to give the mom and her nine newborns away. Thankfully, some caring neighbors took in the dogs and contacted the Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary, who in turn contacted Mr. Bones & Co. Rescue for help finding homes and caring for the dog family.

Mr. Bones & Co

“They sent us photos of the conditions she was living in and the state she was in,” Elli Frank, founder of Mr. Bones & Co, told The Dodo. “Her babies were in a ditch; we believe she moved them to to keep them cool in the hot July sun. It was heartbreaking.”

While Mr. Bones and Co. arranged for the puppies to come to New York, Faithful Friends cared for the family until the puppies could be weaned.

“Nana had been bred by her owner two previous times and watched every baby except one die,” Frank said. “She was a protective mom and had suffered so much neglect and loss that we wanted her to know she was safe, and would remain safe, with us and FFAS.”

In September, Nana and all of her puppies, who were also named after Peter Pan characters, were healthy enough to fly to the Big Apple. Upon their arrival, rescuers from Mr. Bones & Co. were waiting to take the bunch to their foster homes.

Mr. Bones & Co

“She had learned to trust us over the course of our visits and allowed us to give her babies to kind homes who would take over caring for them until they found forever homes,” Frank said. “She knew she had done her part and had finally been able to save her babies and ensure they survived.”

Now, Nana can finally relax, knowing she and her babies are all being cared for at loving foster homes, where they will stay until they can find their forever families. Some won’t have to travel far: Mr. Bones & Co said that Nana’s foster family is thinking about adopting the mutt mom permanently.

If you are interested in adopting one of Nana’s beautiful babies, you can meet them all at Mr. Bones & Co’s Rescue on the Runway event in New York City on September 24.

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