Mother Dog Coping With the Loss of Her Puppies Finds Orphaned Baby Possum to Love

Poss the baby possum loves to ride around on Molly's back

It’s the Australian odd couple you didn’t know you desperately needed.

According to Australia’s Nine News, Molly the Beagle was understandably heartbroken after losing a litter of puppies.

Perhaps sensing the mother dog needed a child to love, the wild sent her a baby possum.

One of the little marsupials recently crawled onto the canine’s back and has made herself at home.

Elle and Sara Moyle, Molly’s owners, believe that Poss — the name the Moyles have given to the possum who loves to ride piggyback — was abandoned by her mom. Luckily, these two grieving animals found each other at the perfect moment.

“They both needed each other I think so it’s been a fantastic relationship,” Sara told Nine News.

The interspecies pair is inseparable — even when her adopted nocturnal child takes naps during the day, Molly stays close by waiting for her new baby to wake up.

The Moyles plan to look after Poss for as along as the possum wants to stay with Molly.

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